Friday, March 25, 2011

Got my Hands on the new MacBook Air! One word...Awesome

Apple has just released their most thinnest laptop model known as the MacBook Air 2011 series. Not only is this laptop thin, it looks absolutely fantastic with the new form factor slightly the size of the iPhone 4. First of it's class, the MacBook Air looks to move away from traditional built laptops by doing away with the traditional specs on current laptops. While I am not going to go into the specs with the Air, you can visit Apples site for the full details. Here I will share with you some of my initial impressions about the device.

Light as a feather

When I first picked up the Air, I was surprise by it's weight (2.3lbs). It was extremely light, and I was able to hold fairly comfortable with one hand for about ten minutes. The weight combined with the size makes it the perfect portable computer.

Here is my short video of the MacBook Air 2011

Full size Keyboard

The Air features a full size keyboard which definitely helps with typing. The usual Apple patterned island style keys on the keyboard is a welcomed feature for users. Those who have worked on Netbooks know that having keys crammed together can make it frustrating when creating long documents and spreadsheets for an extended amount of time. Typing on this small portable laptop made it simple and natural as if I am working on a normal full size laptop.


The sleek design will definitely turn heads with this laptop. Built with the base aluminum used with all the other Mac computers, the Air looks and feels like it was built with quality, because... it actually was. I really enjoyed the time I had playing with this laptop. The speed of the OS was incredibly fast and is able to hold it's own with its older sibling the Macbook Pro.  If I was going to be traveling a lot, then this is my choice. It comes in two different sizes of 11 and 13inch.

The only problem I have with this laptop is not the specs, but the actual price. If you planning to get one, be prepare to drop $999. With that same amount of cash you can buy a powerful PC computer. But if your looking for the high quality of an Apple product, then plan and save ahead. Planning to get a new laptop? Looking for tips or have questions about your current computer? Leave it below in the comment section I will be more than happy to help you.

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