Friday, March 25, 2011

A Random Lady introduces herself because of my iPad

Few days ago I went to the airport to pick up my wife. I arrived about half an hour early so I decided to wait for her in the baggage claim. While waiting, I took my iPad and began reading the most recent tech news going on, I have been doing this since I first purchased the iPad almost a year ago. Suddenly an older woman in her late forties approached me and started a conversation. It went something like this,

Woman: How do you like your iPad?

Me: Oh, I love it. Thanks.

Woman: My husband just bought me my iPad. And, I love it too! (she has a big smile on her face).

Me: That's great!

Woman: I have never been a computer person, but this iPad makes it so simple and fun to use this computer.

Me: (I just nodded my head in agreement with a smile)

Woman: (pulls out iPad and proceeds to show me how to use it for the next ten minutes. lol)

She then continued telling me her wonderful experience with the iPad for the next ten minutes. I didn't mind listening to her, until her husband showed up. Her experience taught me something. The reason the iPad is so successful is because it is easy to use. The user experience far exceeds the tech specs found in the device. Those who love computers will say that the iPad is not powerful enough to work as a fully function computer. However, to those who are not into computer, the iPad is powerful enough to do simple common web task as email, facebook, netflix, ebooks, kindle, and an dead simple to use app store.

After parting ways, I thought to myself, this woman from Texas and me from Hawaii came to a common ground based on our iPads. A device that causes people to randomly start a conversation with strangers at the airport. Pretty cool insight for me as a tech geek.

These are the elements that makes the iPad a successful device. And if you don't believe me, ask the 17 million people who have purchased the device in less than a year.
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