Monday, March 14, 2011

Noteshelf App

When it comes to taking notes, there are a lot of apps available on the iPad to do the job. The size of the iPad makes it a perfect size for taking notes, whether your at work, school or home. So when it comes to taking notes, it all depends on your preference. If you prefer to handwrite your notes then NoteShelf may be an app that would fit your need.

NoteShelf allows you to handwrite your notes onto the iPad. What separates this app from the others is the pen technology that it uses. Noteshelf mimics that ink of your virtual pen at act similar to a real life pen. If you write really fast the lines will appear thin and light; while slow strokes will increase the ink thickness and darken the color.

Noteshelf has some cool features. You have the ability to separate your notes into different note books, which is handy for different classes. Along with the standard color changing ink, different sizing of pen, adding preset icons, Noteshelf allows you to add photos to your hand-written notes from your photo album. Those with the iPad 2 will have the ability to snap photos of paper documents and instantly add it to their notes. First gen iPad owners can always snap photos using their smart phones, then upload it later to Noteshelf.

What makes this app a must have for students or business workers is the ability to sync your files to popular cloud services like Dropbox, Evernote, and your local computer via iTunes. You also have the ability to mail your notes if needed. There are a few quirks that hold back this app from being the one stop note taking app, such as, no recording audio,and no option to type text. If you are one that needs to have the ability to type your notes, then I strongly do not recommend this app for you. Overall I have replaced this app with all of my of my other note taking apps for school. If you're looking for the best hand written note taking app that is very close to writing on a real paper, then this is the app for you. Keep in mind that is app will set you back at $5 for the app.

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