Thursday, March 24, 2011

How I recovered my stolen iPod Touch 4th Gen

Last week I had my iPod Touch stolen from me at school. I left my class room for a few minutes and when I returned it was gone. Fortunately for me I installed an app called Find My iPhone months in advance. Using my 3G iPad, I tracked the perpetrator all across campus. It led to a 45 minute cat and mouse chase through different parts of campus. During this ordeal, I felt like Jack Bauer of 24 on the race of time before I completely lost my iPod touch.

The app has the ability to pin point the exact location of your device on google map. It also gave me the ability to send message to the thief, lock my device or erase the data on it completely for security reasons. I messaged the thief with a warning that if the device is not returned within an hour, I will notify the police. It seemed like the message got through as this individual quickly turned it in to the lost and found on our campus. In the end I was able to recover my iPod touch with the Find my IPhone App, which I highly recommend for owners of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Install the app and register your devices. It may help you recover your lost device. For more information check out my article on Tech Gear Examiner for more details about it. Peace.

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