Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Blogsy iPad App: First impression

Blogsy for ipad

I have three blogs that I'm working on. I decided to look for the perfect iPad app that would make it easy for me to blog on the go. I have tried wordpress app and that was a disaster. I then used blogpress, which works well but the formatting is quite horrible when my posts are published. So I decided to buy Blogsy. So here are my first impressions about the app.

Setting it up

I did have problems setting up my blog accounts with Blogsy, however after visiting their FAQ page I was able to resolve them in no time. Their are multiple services that blogsy support: blogger, wordpress, flickr, and YouTube. I will go more into detail with my full review.

The UI is gorgeous and simple. This is a welcome plus. Formatting settings above make it easy to edit and format texts within your post.

So far this app looks quite promising. I will do a full review after I have put this app to use. Thanks for the stopping by, and don't forget to follow. Mahalo.

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